Sunday, May 1, 2016

Robert Fultz - The Sign of the Prophet Jonah

The Sign of the Prophet Jonah

When you look at all the facts
Concerning Christ and Jonah
Astounding things will come to view
Regarding their persona.

Both grew up in Galilee
And preached to their own nation
Each of them was sent by God
He gave their inspiration.

But in the course of time each man
Would live to save the stranger
Each regarded not his life
But lived in face of danger.

Both men died: Christ on a cross
And Jonah in a fish
Jesus died because of love
But Jonah ‘gainst his wish.

One because He loved the world
Was wrapped in linen clothes
The other, weeds about his head
The Ninevites he loathed.

Jonah swallowed, Jesus buried
Each man was entombed
Both were raised again to life
Their ministries resumed.

The fish had indigestion and
He spat the prophet out
Death could never hold the Savior
There is not a doubt.

Both men preached to witnesses
After they had died
Both men slept while in a boat
Their fellows terrified.

Each man had a lot to do
With calming storms at sea
Those with them calling on the LORD
From death were then set free.

Both men preached repentance and
Their message was obeyed
The Ninevites turned from their sin
Our sin debt Jesus paid.

Though very different, we can see
Their commonalities
The prophet and the Lord were signs
The world still disagrees.

Robert Fultz
April 30, 2016

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