Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vega Visit

The Central American Director for Siloam International, Luis Vega, visited the Tri-Cities of TN/VA during the past few days. He spoke at Gunnings Baptist Church in Blountville and at the Calvary Baptist Hispanic congregation in Gray on Sunday.

He is returning to Honduras today via Miami. Luis is driving a Nissan pathfinder truck and towing a tiny Kia auto that he will deposit for ship transport to Honduras from Miami. The Nissan was purchased with donations to Mission Honduras for use by the ministry in Central America. The Kia is a personal vehicle for the Vega family. He has the vehicles loaded with Christian literature.

As it is in most nations, transportation is key to the success of any ministry. It is the prayer of those working with the Vega family that the provision of these vehicles will enhance their efforts.

Pray for Luis as he travels. He is to return to Siguatepeque on Saturday's flight from Miami.

Also, please pray for Mission Honduras. Good reports continue to be received of God's working in Central America.