Thursday, September 27, 2012

Please Pray for Peggy Glaze - Update

THANK YOU for your prayers for Peggy and Bob.  The surgery went well.  Although there was a great amount of infection in the knee, the surgeon did not amputate the leg.  He has implanted a metal rod and removed the knee apparatus.  Peggy will not be able to bend her leg, but will be able to walk once the healing and rehabilitation is completed.  She has been standing beside the bed and plans to go home tomorrow!  Please continue to pray for the infection to be eradicated and for healing to be complete.  God is most gracious!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Prayer Request - Peggy Glaze

Please be in prayer for the wife of Bob Glaze, Peggy.  Peggy will be undergoing surgery on September 25th (Tuesday) that will result in either a steel rod in one of her legs and shortening of the leg by four inches or an amputation of that leg to a point above the knee.  She has been in extreme pain for several years, enduring 7 major knee surgeries that included 4 complete knee replacements.  These surgeries resulted in uncontrolled infections and many dire complications.  Pray also for Bob since he is her primary caregiver in the home.  He has been suffering from sciatica due to his heavy workload and lack of rest.  Bob also serves as General Manager of the Southwest Radio Church Ministries.  Thank you for praying for Peggy and Bob.