Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Honduran Pastors' Conference with Noah Hutchings, Larry Spargamino, Kenneth Hill, and Luis Vega

Noah Hutchings praying with one of the Pastors attending the Conference

Luis Vega and Larry Spargamino preaching

One of the Pastors from the Yoro Region's mountains

Pastors from the Yoro Region Mountains

(left to right) Larry Spargamino, Noah Hutchings, Jesus Mejia, and Kenneth Hill

The Rock of Salvation Church in El Progresso, Honduras, Central America was the site for the Southwest Radio Church Ministries Pastors' Conference the week of January 17, 2011. Speakers from the United States representing SWRC were its Pastor and President - Dr. Noah W. Hutchings, Vice-President - Dr. Kenneth C. Hill, and Associate Pastor and Editor - Dr. Larry Spargamino. Host Pastor was Jesus Mejia. The Coordinator of the Conference and Translator was the Latin American Director for Siloam International - Luis Vega.

Luis Vega with Dr. Hutchings

Dr. Noah Hutchings with some local friends

You can find more information about the Southwest Radio Church Ministries at www.swrc.com