Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Banana Republic Saints

There is now posted on youtube a brand new documentary titled: "Banana Republic Saints" that is produced by Clayton Van Huss.  Lydia Hill was one of the camera operators for the film.  Clayton is a student in film at East Tennessee State University and produced this as one of his film projects.  He graduates on Saturday.  Congratulations to Clayton on his upcoming graduation and for his very well-done film.  I encourage you to view it on youtube at:

This was filmed during our most recent mission trip to Honduras.

Thanks, Clayton for a job well done.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Report from SWRC Trip to Honduras

The mission group sponsored by Southwest Radio Church of the Air, Inc., was in Honduras Saturday April 20, 2013 until Saturday April 27, 2013.

Members included Dr. Noah W. Hutchings, President and Pastor of SWRC and his wife Kim Ky; Dr. Larry Spargamino, Associate Pastor and Secretary of SWRC; Nola Crick, Member of SWRC; Dr. Ron Suitor, M.D., Cardiologist from Oklahoma City and physician of Dr. Hutchings; Clayton VanHuss a film maker and student at East Tennessee State University; Dr. Kenneth C. Hill, Vice-President of SWRC and his daughter, Lydia; Luis Vega, Latin American Director of Siloam International and formerly the teacher on SWRC's Spanish-language program Profecias Biblicas and his daughter Nancy, and Dixie David Bahrona who is presently completing his degree in Civil Engineering.

The group ministered in the Sunday services at the Central CAM Church in Siguatepeque, two Pastors' Conference days of meetings, two days of outreach and evangelism at an elementary school in a barrio in Siguatepeque, and distributed tracts in the marketplaces and on the streets.  They also visited Estero V.E.C.A 89.1 radio that SWRC has been helping to fund its development.  Kenneth Hill was interviewed on the station, telling about ministry in the USA and Honduras.

The mission endeavor was a worthwhile effort!